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Food Venture Center Opens in Hardwick:

Hardwick on NPR... (July 15, 2011) Check out the NPR story on the Hardwick local food movement.  Vermont Soy is proud to be a part of this movement to create a vibrant local food economy that supplies sustainable, healthy, and local foods to the community!   Vermont Town's Food Focus Still a Growing Concept

Dan Rather reports... (Nov. 17, 2009) See the report on Vermont Soy and High Mowing Seeds, along with other Hardwick area businesses on High Mowing's website: www.highmowingseeds.com/HMS-on-Dan-Rather-Reports.html

cornucopia logoVermont Soy rated as one the top 5 most trustworthy soy companies in the United States by the Cornucopia Institute. Ratings are based on where the soy beans are sourced, processing techniques (corporate soy companies use toxic chemicals for soy protein extraction), and the use of organic vs gmo soybeans. Learn more online at Natural News: http://www.naturalnews.com/026294.html

center for an agricultural economy

Vermont Soy is pleased to be a part of The Center for an Agricultural Economy. Learn More....

"Bike Smoothies!", WPTZ News Channel 5 "Living Localvore" Blog
Here's a nice bonus Monday post for you — the grand opening of the Hardwick Farmer's Market was last Friday and among the booths was one of Hardwick's own businesses, Vermont Soy Company.  They had an…unusual…way to mix up some soy smoothies for us.  Delicious!...[HTML]

"Good Eats and Hard Work in Hardwick, Vermont", Eating Well Magazine
Here, in a tiny corner of northern Vermont where cattle seem to outnumber people, farms and food businesses are blossoming and garnering both national and international attention. Their secret? Collaboration. Here's how it works...[HTML]

"The United Plates of America", Bon Appetit
The guide to the best things to eat, drink, and buy in all 50 states featured our artisan tofu...[HTML]

"Hippies' Revenge as Hardscrabble Hardwick Goes Organic ", CBC NEWS
Before the long-haired people from the city moved into these tree-covered hills, Hardwick, Vermont, was known as the "Building Granite Centre of the World."...[HTML]

"Nurturing an Agricultural Economy in Hardwick", Vermont Edition VPR Podcast
Imagine turning around a town's economy by supporting local food...[HTML]

"The Town that Food Saved", Gourmet magazine
Hardwick’s economic future was dim, until a chain of events turned it into one of the most important food towns in America...[HTML]

"UVM Initiatives Support Food-Based Companies", WPTZ News
Health, local and fresh were the buzzwords at Vermont Soy and Vermont Natural Coatings Tuesday....See the video [HTML/VIDEO]

"Hungry Hardwick", Suzanne Podhaizer, Seven Days, Sept 3, 2008 [HTML]
A Northeast Kingdom town rises up with ag-centric enterprises Read More...

"Got Soy Milk? Vermont Does", Darry Madden, Boston Globe, April 2, 2008 [HTML]
A new producer brings in dairy alternatives

"Big Ideas: Hardwick Farmer Andrew Meyer Reinvents Vermont Agriculture", Burlington Free Press, March 30, 2008 [PDF]

"Soy to the World", Kevin J. Kelley, Seven Days, Feb 21, 2007  [PDF]
The field-and-mountains logo has been designed. The recyclable plastic bottles have been ordered. The stainless-steel machines — some imported from China, others purchased secondhand from local food firms — stand ready in the new Hardwick factory.

"Selling Soy in the Green Mountains", Anson Tebbetts, WCAX News, Sept 18, 2006  [HTML]
Inside a Hardwick plant, two young entrepreneurs are about to launch a new organic drink made out of soybeans. It's a first for this dairy rich state."We don't think soy competes with milk we think soy compliments milk and soy are in the category of healthy products," said Andrew Meyer of Vermont Soy.  Read More...

"Soy entrepreneurs open plant in Hardwick", Carla Occaso, Sept 17 2006 Barre Montpelier Times-Argus/Rutland Herald  [HTML]
Todd Pinkham and Andrew Meyer of Vermont Soy are launching a new line of organic soy products here to expand farming opportunities in the Northeast Kingdom. This fall Vermont Soy plans to start production of soymilk, tofu and tempeh using locally grown, organic soybeans. Read More...

"Soy Bean Trials", Bethany M. Dunbar, August 2006, the Chronicle [HTML]
HARDWICK — The search for the ideal soy bean for northern Vermont continues. Two varieties of beans stood out from nine grown during trials by High Mowing Farm in Wolcott this summer. Andrew Meyer of Vermont Soy said Tuesday the Vinton 81 and Delta varieties matured the quickest with good yield.Read More...

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